BUSSI AUS WIEN2022/2023Public Space, Vienna, AT

BUSSI AUS WIEN is a project that declares various corners of the city of Vienna as sights and the buses of the public transport company  Wiener Linien as tour buses. BUSSI AUS WIEN invites artists to develop works in reaction to a distinct bus line and present them in a publication. Each line has its own brochure which - similar to a guide book - can be used to discover the city (anew) through the artist’s eyes and one’s own. 
Curated by Julischka Stengele and Nora Mayr.

More info, here: www.bussiauswien.at

Graphic Design: Sarah Podbelsek & Gerhard Jordan
Photos:  Studio 3000PS (stills), Claudia Lomoschitz (launch event)

The full set of publications (Edition 1) inside the public bus. 
Launch: People gathering for an inaugural tour with the public bus line 24A
Istvan Antals work for the bus line 76A
Sarah, our devoted graphic designer cleaning the window for a clear view
One of our 14 BUSSI stations across town where people can pick up the booklets for free
Focused on the outside: People riding the bus according to our proposal “How to BUSSI”
Arrival at the final stop: Curious exploration of the surroundings
A BUSSI brochure on the bus seat
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