Curating + Organizing


My work as a curator and organizer emerged from my artistic practice.
Since 2008, I have put on performance art events, exhibitions, public art projects and discursive formats, primarily in Berlin and Vienna.

In my function as a board member of the cultural association SALETTL, I have co-curated site-specific residencies with local and international artists in Vienna.

I welcome invitations to (co-)curate various formats by individuals and institutions alike. 


I support cultural workers of various disciplines and functions as an outside eye and advisor in their processes. You can turn to me for productive feedback on both content related and structural questions.

Orga + Production 

I am active in other people’s cultural ventures as a back support: I do admin, orga, coordination and production work in the fields of art, culture and education. 

In my function as a production assistant to the cultural association Raw Matters, I take care of the communication and the documentation of the invited artist’s works. 

Work Examples

Question Me & Answer (Artist Collective 2024)
A year of curatorial support + final exhibition for a group of artists - half of them new in Vienna - selected via an open call.
Co-curation with Laura Põld , Vienna, 2024


Public Art + Publication project, Vienna, 2023
Co-curated with Nora Mayr

Ting-Ting Cheng: 
The Moments When You Suddenly Remember You Can Swim

Exhibition, performance (AiR-Program Closing Event), 2022
Co-curated with Salettl 

Red Rules Vienna
Conference, Performance, Exhibition, Community Event, 2021
Co-organized with Red Edition, Natalie Assmann and others 

Femmes Against Fascism
Performance Festival, Otto-Wagner-Spital, Vienna, 2019
In the frame of Wienwoche

Exhibition, Performances, Workshops, Bildetage, Vienna, 2017 
Co-curated with Malu Blume

FETTVERTEILUNG - Tischgespräche mit Kaffee & Kuchen
Panel discussion, Performance, Food, in public space, Vienna, 2016
In the frame of SOHO in Ottakring

Ashley Bailey: Masochistic performances on intersectional identities
Artist lecture, Department of Art History, University of Vienna, 2015
Co-organized with Noit Banai and Marina  Gržinić (PCAP)

Am für Körperschaften*
Performance Art Program, 6. Berliner Kunstsalon, Berlin, 2009

*curatorial project founded in 2008 in Berlin, which was dedicated to showcasing performance art, fluxus, happening and action art  

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