Lobauversuchung2022Salettl, Kleine Stadt Farm, Vienna, AT

As an artist-in-residence on the community farm Kleine Stadtfarm, I developed a food art project titled Sonne, Wasser & Erde (Sun, Water & Earth). The menu was partly inspired by the natural elements that are neccessary to grow and prepare the produce on location. I made use of food and plants produced or available on site and translated qualities such as the warmth of the sun or the softness of water directly into the dishes.

For the closing event of the residency, each of the courses were presented at a different location across the farm alongside with an artist talk and a screenig of my short film Bodies of Water. 

Curated by Kulturverein SALETTL on Kleine Stadt Farm.
More info about the project, here

Photos: Thomas Ries
Photo on the poster: Julischka Stengele 


Sonne, Wasser & Erde (Sun, Water & Earth)

1st course: "Hitzeperlen" / Heat Pearls, served in the greenhouse as an abstract painting.
Two kinds of carrot puree from orange and yellow beet, various kinds of fresh and sun-dried tomatoes, sunflower herb oil, sunflower seeds caramelized with honey and chili, ground pumpernickel.

2nd: "Nymphenspeise (Algenschleim & Menschensilber)" / Nymph's Dish (Algae Slime & Human Silver) served in and at the Schillerwasser.
For this course, the audience gathered at the water's edge, I came swimming into view as a shimmering nymph with a serving platter on my body. On it was a cucumber-mint jelly, the color and texture of which mimicked the algae on the surface of the water, and silvered pebbles sitting inside. The consumption took place wordlessly and playfully. 

3rd course: "Ein Stück Wiese" / A piece of meadow, served at the horse stable in a clay pot and a wheelbarrow.
Sweet jelly made from hay, panna cotta made from sheep and goat milk with dried flower petals, "soil" made from ground chocolate cookies and coffee grounds. 

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